“It’s Eid today, but unfortunately I’m working. I work as a bag packer at a supermarket and I am rostered for the morning shift. My wife works at another supermarket as a supervisor and she has a shift this afternoon, so unfortunately we will not get to spend Eid day together.


We live with my parents, but they are away at the moment. My wife has spent the morning with her parents in Tubli. Our two daughters (aged 5 and 2) are with her. My mother-in-law will look after the children when my wife heads off to work. I will then go and meet my in-laws for lunch and collect the kids. I want my girls to enjoy their afternoon, so I will take them to the mall or somewhere to play. I look after the children a lot as my wife works too. Her workplace is understaffed at the moment, so there is a lot of pressure on her right now. We both work hard, so we have to help each other where we can. 


I have worked with the same company for four years. I started off as a baker but after a workplace injury I was transferred to the warehouse. Our company has a new branch and I am now working as a bag packer there. The job is ok for me. I’m quite busy, I have a couple of colleagues I get along with and the customers are nice. I get Thursdays off and so does my wife. It’s the one day of the week we spend together.”


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