Creator #100 Bahrain Stories

Tanzeel Jabbar-Khadir

Creator #100 Bahrain Stories

Born and raised in Australia, I landed in Manama from Melbourne for the first time in 2008. Back then I was so preoccupied with work and my young family that I didn’t take time to explore the Island. I returned to Australia a few years later regretting the fact that I hadn’t. Fast forward to 2015, when my husband, daughters and I found ourselves relocating to Bahrain once again. Aware of how lucky I was to have this second chance, this time I promised myself that I would explore the Island as much as I could – and that is what I did.

I am grateful to our special contributors and all the generous individuals who helped at various stages along the way.

The #100 Bahrain Stories book is currently available at all Jashanmal Bookstores in Bahrain and Neo Books & Coffee, Riffa. In line with the community ethos of this project, profits from book sales are being donated to local charities. 

If you are not in Bahrain and would like to order a copy of the book, please email us: