Elizabeth Dadd

Feed the Need volunteer

“I am Australian and originally came to the Island to work as a flight attendant 13 years ago. After meeting my Canadian husband in Bahrain, we ended up staying and starting our family here. Bahrain is home to us. We are perfectly placed here; halfway between Canada and Australia.

We’ve seen many Ramadans in Bahrain. What I appreciate about this season is that there is a special community spirit in the air.

For the last five years I’ve been involved with Feed the Need (FN), a charity started by my friend and fellow Australian, Michelle Bailey. Today I am outside Mercado mall collecting food items to put in FN fridges which are scattered at various locations around town. The fridges are a 24-hour access point for those less fortunate, so they are able to help themselves to food when they need it.

My two children and a couple of other FN volunteers are here with us too. By actively volunteering to collect donations, I can actually show my children how the charity works and they can see the food being donated and experience filling the fridges themselves.

There are lots of things that people can do to help support the project. You can host a fridge or find a location and donate a working fridge. You can also donate food items at one of the existing fridge locations or do your own food drive. Whether your donation is big or small, it all counts as there will be someone out there who needs it. I see each donation as an expression of the care, kindness and goodwill which I know already exists in our community.”

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